The Most Basic Advice

If any doctor or specialist diagnoses you with any one prolapse (bladder, rectal, vaginal), it is critical that you not allow a single prolapse repair. First find an ob/gyn who is experienced in evaluating and treating pelvic prolapse (which views the entire condition of the pelvic organs).

If the single prolapse is due to a weakened pelvic floor condition or another pelvic issue, other organs may be impacted and the surgery may lead to the next prolapse. A trained ob/gyn will decide in which order the prolapse(s) needs to be repaired. Having a single repair and then learning of the pelvic prolapse can cause complications.

It's your body. Take charge and get a second opinion from a board certified ob/gyn who has adopted viewing any organ prolapse as potentially pelvic prolapse.


We pause for personal identification

An apology to readers for having no entry. Am working through some personal issues and have also been collaging online to process whatever is going on. Today I collaged my medical nightmare. My blog posts will take you through its meaning, but thought I'd post it now for lack of a recent post.

First Do No Harm by grace2244

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Thank you for posting this. We have some things in common. If you go to my blog at you can read about my 6 surgeries, for prolapses, cycst and hernias. I can really empathize with you. I am going to have to have a 7th surgery on Feb. 5th. My nightmare is not over yet, unfortunately. How are you doing now?

Faith H.