The Most Basic Advice

If any doctor or specialist diagnoses you with any one prolapse (bladder, rectal, vaginal), it is critical that you not allow a single prolapse repair. First find an ob/gyn who is experienced in evaluating and treating pelvic prolapse (which views the entire condition of the pelvic organs).

If the single prolapse is due to a weakened pelvic floor condition or another pelvic issue, other organs may be impacted and the surgery may lead to the next prolapse. A trained ob/gyn will decide in which order the prolapse(s) needs to be repaired. Having a single repair and then learning of the pelvic prolapse can cause complications.

It's your body. Take charge and get a second opinion from a board certified ob/gyn who has adopted viewing any organ prolapse as potentially pelvic prolapse.


Final Verdict

Today is the end of a three-year long attempt to have my first surgeon's license revoked or at least suspended. In addition to finding an attorney, I filed a complaint against the surgeon through the State Board. Today I received notification that the case has been reviewed thoroughly but no action will be taken against the surgeon.

The attorney did not follow through with meeting with my good surgeon. In spite of all the damage she caused, the likelihood of winning a malpractice suit is very low unless you die. I believe I shared before that the attorney had knowledge of numerous complaints/lawsuits filed against the doctor in the past but none of the charges "stuck".

We do believe she has connections and is untouchable. It's been an unbelievably frustrating journey to this point.  I have to give up on any means of stopping her from harming other patients.

If I had died, the proof of her negligence was there. *sigh* Onward I go with my life.

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