The Most Basic Advice

If any doctor or specialist diagnoses you with any one prolapse (bladder, rectal, vaginal), it is critical that you not allow a single prolapse repair. First find an ob/gyn who is experienced in evaluating and treating pelvic prolapse (which views the entire condition of the pelvic organs).

If the single prolapse is due to a weakened pelvic floor condition or another pelvic issue, other organs may be impacted and the surgery may lead to the next prolapse. A trained ob/gyn will decide in which order the prolapse(s) needs to be repaired. Having a single repair and then learning of the pelvic prolapse can cause complications.

It's your body. Take charge and get a second opinion from a board certified ob/gyn who has adopted viewing any organ prolapse as potentially pelvic prolapse.


Finally...Road to Recovering

Since my last post in September 2011, I have successfully recovered from all prolapse surgeries. In January of this year, I set a goal of losing a pound a week to my goal of 30 pounds. The first 20 pounds went on in the two weeks following my first 2007 surgery. It has been 18 weeks and I've lost 15.5 pounds and am still going. Having lost that first half of my goal, I can see I have more energy and am not as inclined to sleep as much. Getting back into physical shape after so many surgeries in the past five years has been daunting. Finally, I feel I'm making my way back.

Not having to worry how close I am to a restroom when I leave home is such a stress relief. I've been building up my stamina to be out for several hours walking leisurely through stores so I can enjoy a leisurely vacation and do some outdoor walking in a few months. I can walk 1/2 mile and burn 100 calories which is child's play to most people. But I'm very proud to reach those goals.

Anyone undergoing such intense medical issues should be aware of the mental toll, if any. I was prone to depression before the pelvic prolapse and went into a tailspin afterwards. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize it as increasing depression. I thought anyone would feel "this badly" given the circumstances. I wish I'd known how depressed I was a year before I realized I needed a much higher dosage of antidepressant. I've been on a new medication for over a year that has been wonderful.

I skipped some details in my journey to jump to the present so I can speak of my most current issue with medication and cataracts.  For those who did follow my journey and self-education about my pelvic prolapse, thank you. And I hope it helps you and/or someone you know.

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